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Stephen Greenspan, PhD
Exploring and facilitating human competence

Speeches and Seminars

Professor Greenspan is available for entertaining and informative speeches, seminars and extended stays, for various audiences and topics. Information is available at

Inquiries should be made through:

Tony Colao
Master Media Speakers Bureau
In US: (800) 453-2887
Outside US: (413) 529-1769

Featured Limerick

In May 2008, I was honored to be given the Gunnar and Rosemary Dybwad Humanitarian Award by the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. My written acceptance remarks were too long for the minute or two allotted, so those will be appearing in one of the organization’s journals. As my hobby is writing limericks, I boiled my comments down into the following poem:

Humanitarian Limerick by Stephen Greenspan

I didn’t know Gunnar too well. But always considered him swell. A truly great gent. Whom Heaven had sent. To keep us from going to Hell

Rosemary I knew even less. But I consider our field truly blessed. To have had two such souls. Who even when old. Continued to help us progress

The Dybwads they helped us to see. That all people yearn to be free. For inclusion’s a right. That’s well worth a fight. Let’s stand up for all with ID

So where do I fit in all this? I find something may be amiss. For Greenspan to pass. As in Dybwads’ class. Is an idea that most would dismiss

If I have done anything new. An advance that is way overdue. It’s to beat on my drum. And say "don’t succumb". To the evils of old King IQ

Of all of the follies I’ve seen. The worst is to think you can glean. Information enough. To put someone to death. On a number, it just seems obscene

An idea I think is more sound. So simple it may be profound. Is to ask if one’s bent. Is to always assent. Gullibility’s the key I have found